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By Sophie Sexton

Published on: 30/01/2017

The Coravin arrives to our Brasserie


A Coravin, I hear you ask?

Another technical device of the modern day you think?

Well this one is not too techy and actually may change your wine drinking palette for life!

The ability to pour wine without popping the cork!

Say goodbye to the old world of wine and we welcome you with open arms to the new world of wine drinking…

The Coravin was designed by a surgeon – a pro at needle work!

The science behind the Coravin…

Coravin is a needle-through-the-cork system that enables you to siphon wine out of bottles without spoiling it. The needle mimics one used for chemotherapy, and a cork is similar to the implant which is put under the skin for chemo, and through which the needle goes. But don’t let this put you off!

Greg Lambrecht, the inventor of Coravin, comes from the medical device industry, and he studied nuclear physics at college. When he worked at Pfizer he ‘got good at needles’, as he quotes.

He also ‘got good’ at argon gas, which is the other half of the Coravin equation. Having pushed the needle through the cork, you pull a trigger to inject argon through the needle at a high pressure. When the bottle is pressurised, you can pour the wine into your glass – a small serving just to taste, or an entire glass. The choice is yours.

The wine left in the bottle never comes in to contact with oxygen, and the cork – because cork is elastic – it re-seals itself in just a few minutes.

How clever!

What does this mean for you, you’re thinking?

Well, this has changed your wine drinking experience for life!

The Coravin enables you to choose the premium wines on our wine menu but instead of having to indulge in an entire bottle we can now serve them by the glass – and if you really love it you could always buy a bottle!

This means you can savour more exclusive wines without the price tag, but it also enables you to have several different wines throughout your meal. A wine pairing experience for every meal!

Please ask our Brasserie team on your next visit to give you a demonstration of the Coravin.

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