Terms and Conditions for weddings and functions


‘The Hotel’ – The White Horse Hotel and Brasserie and Its employees
‘The Client’ – The person(s) for whom the Hotel is organising the event
‘Events Team’ – The White Horse Hotel and Brasserie sales and event’s organisers
‘Guest’ – An attendee of the function who is not the client


  • All bookings will be treated as provisional until the receipt of a deposit. The amount of the deposit will be arranged between the Events Team and the Client.
  • All bookings must be confirmed in writing and signed by the Client
  • Provisional numbers are required by the Hotel at the time of booking. Final numbers are required at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • Final payment for the event must be received within time limits set by the Events Team.


  • In the event of a cancellation, any payment already received by the Hotel will be forfeited.
  • All cancellations must be confirmed in writing by the Client.

Reduction in numbers

  • The Hotel reserves the right to set a minimum number to be charged for a function.
  • The Events Team reserves the right to charge for any reduction made in numbers after the confirmation required by clause 2 (c) at the full per person rate.


Any postponements of confirmed functions will be considered as a cancellation and clause 3 (a) will apply, unless an alternative date can be arranged between the Client and the Events Team at the time of the postponement.

Non-arrival or early departure

  • Bedrooms reserved in conjunction with a confirmed function are regarded as guaranteed bookings and in the event of a non-arrival the Client will be liable for the cost of one night’s accommodation.
  • The Events Team can agree that each individual Guest will give credit card details to secure their room. In this case, the accommodation charge in clause 6 (a) will be placed on to the Guests credit card.
  • In the event of any non-arrival, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel any additional night’s accommodation.
  • The Hotel reserves the right to charge the value of one night’s accommodation in the event of an early departure.
  • Check in time for the Hotel is 2pm, and departure is by 11am. Alternative arrangements can be agreed with the Events Team and charges may apply.


Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue from the due date until the date of payment at a rate of 4% above HSBC Bank’s base rate.


  • The Client undertakes to cover the cost of any damage caused to the Hotel’s premises or equipment by them and their guests, subcontractors and employees.
  • This is to include bedrooms, function rooms, furnishings, equipment, utensils or any other item contained within the hotel.
  • Payment must be received by the Hotel within 2 weeks of the damage. Reassessment of any costs is to be at the expense of the Client.


No wines, spirits or any other alcoholic beverage may be brought into the Hotel by the Client or their guests for consumption on the premises.

Access and finishing times

  • Functions are required to finish at the time agreed between the Client and the Events Team. Any extensions to this time on the day are at the Hotels discretion.
  • Access into a function room is allowed one hour prior to the commencement of the function, unless otherwise agreed with the Events Team.
  • It is the Client’s responsibility to clear the function rooms of their guests after the completion of the function.
  • The Hotel cannot be held responsible for any items left at the hotel after the function, including but not limited to wedding cakes, decorations and gifts.

Price variations

  • In the event of circumstances beyond the control of the Hotel, the Hotel reserves the right to vary any prices quoted to reflect the changes in circumstances. This will include, but is not limited to such circumstances as a change in VAT.
  • The Hotel will contact the Client about any such changes as soon as possible.

Health and Safety

  • The Client must ensure that their guests comply fully with the Hotel’s health and safety policy. The Hotel will provide a copy to the client on request.
  • The Hotel is a child friendly environment, but it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure any children involved in the function behave in an acceptable manner. The Hotel is unable to take any responsibility for children.
  • The hotel cannot be held liable for any death or injury that may occur on the property.

Licensing and statutory regulations

  • Client’s undertake to ensure that any and all fire escape routes in the Hotel are unimpeded by the function.
  • The Client agrees that the Hotel is required to comply with the Fire Precautions act 1971 and the London Government act 1963 in relation to music, dancing and entertainment.
  • The Client undertakes to observe the provisions of the licensing act 1964.

Guest Property

The Hotel does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss to the property of the Client and their Guests. Any items left on the Hotels coat hooks or in the cloak room are deposited entirely at the owner’s risk.

Equipment storage

The Hotel will assist the Client as far as reasonably possible with the storage of any items of equipment necessary for the function. The Hotel does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to items so stored.

Professional bodies and performing rights

  • The Hotel reserves the right to refuse the employment by the Client for their guests of any photographer, toast master, band, musician, DJ’s or any other person(s) or bodies corporate in relation to the function.
  • The Hotel must ensure that music is provided under the agreed licensing. Acoustic, jazz and single performers only
  • Any cancellation on the behalf of the Client due to the Hotels refusal under clause 16(a) will be seen as a cancellation under clause 3 (a).
  • It is the Clients responsibility to ensure that any necessary Performing Arts Society forms and Phonographic Limited forms are completed by any band or musician in their employ.
  • The Hotel is happy to advise the Client in advance regarding clause 16 (a) and will suggest a suitable replacement where possible.

General Liability

  • The Hotel shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or economic loss arising in any way including any losses caused by negligence.
  • In no event will the Hotels liability for any loss or damage exceed the total amount paid by the Client for the function.
  • The Hotel shall not be liable for any breach of the terms and conditions or delay or failure in providing its services as a result of causes beyond its control including but not limited to fire, floods, strikes, embargos, delays in transportation, failure of services or regulations of any authority.


Any function contract is assignable only by the Hotel. The Client may not assign a function contract.

Governing Law

  • Any function contract shall be governed by and construed in all respects on accordance with the laws of England.
  • Any function contract does not affect the rights of the Client under the Hotel Properties Act 1956.

Time of the essence

For all time scales imposed by these conditions, time shall be of the essence.


The Hotel reserves the right to change any aspect of the function in unavoidable circumstances. The Hotel will contact the Client immediately if this happens, and will use their best endeavours to ensure any alterations are of an equal or higher standard to those originally requested.

Additional terms

The Hotel reserves the right to add in additional clauses to these terms and conditions where necessary. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be notified to the Client before signing of the function contract.

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